No Borders or Deportations on Stolen Land Perspectives on Movement and Peace

By: Indigenous People’s Liberation Party

“We demand an immediate end to all deportations and the dissolution of all European borders on Indigenous land.”

-from Indigenous People’s Liberation Party Platform

Since the invasion of our land in 1492, European imperialists have used borders to tear rifts in our people, confound our traditions and ideas, and steal our goods and labor.
Originally, Turtle Island was inhabited by thousands of culturally diverse people grouped into tribes, city-states and kingdoms. Our cities were some of the most advanced centers of science and trade in the world. We had extensive trade networks spanning the entire land, complex forms of government (which afforded more democracy than current-day systems), and full sexual and gender equality.
The first European imposed borders on our land were used by the Spanish and Portuguese to illegitimately claim ownership the on top of the bones and ruins of former autonomous empires and governments. With the help of biological warfare, our land, natural resources, and people were now exploited by an onslaught of European systems of colonization and imperialism.

The imperialist invaders attempted to destroy our languages and culture by the forced learning of European languages in order to survive.  Like modern-day religious mission trips, Indigenous people were forced to “Sing and pray for their supper”, because the concept of private property had been imposed on our people. With our homes occupied by a foreign army, we had no choice but to resist or play by the oppressors’ rules.

In dire straits, our people over the next hundreds of years were subjected to this cultural genocide all while fighting back. Our traditions and stories are filled with valiant resistance by Indigenous people against the colonizers.  Warriors like Toypurina, Emiliano Zapata, Sitting Bull, Tupac Amaru, Russel Means, and many others who European history books have left out, fought courageously against imperialist oppression.
Today, the effects of European imposed borders are still evident by violent deportations and kidnapping between the colonial occupation and the original inhabitants in all imperialist colonies. In the United States, many of our families have to cross through hundreds of miles of desert through an unforgiving landscape without water, surrounded by colonial amed forces known as the Border Patrol and their fascist goon squad known as the Minute Men. Violently patrolling an illegal European imposed border from Indigenous people on Indigenous land is truly a crime.
Impeding movement was wrong then, it’s wrong now. Legally, the story is the same. September 17, 2007, the United Nations passed a resolution: Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  Article 37 of the declaration asserts the freedom to travel to all Indigenous people on Indigenous land for any reason. The border policing is illegal as current-day Mexicans are indigenous to the region.
The Indigenous Peoples Liberation Party says that from Alaska to Argentina, we are one race, one people! We will work with anyone courageous enough to join us to stop ALL deportations and to tear down ALL European imposed borders on our continent! Let’s get organized to defend our community, let’s get organized to take control of our land, let’s get organized to smash Imperialism, Colonialism, and Capitalism! Join the Indigenous Peoples Liberation Party and together we will push the occupation out!


You Cannot Reason with the Oppressor

lenape landlenape

You Cannot Reason with the Oppressor


On this day in 1778, the government of the united states of america makes (and soon breaks) it’s first treaty with an Indigenous tribe.

The treaty was essentially a non aggression pact and trade agreement between the Lenape (Delawares) and the usa.

From Wikipedia:

“Within a year the Delaware Indians were expressing grievances about the treaty. A delegation of Delawares visited Philadelphia in 1779 to explain their dissatisfaction to the Continental Congress, but nothing changed and peace between the United States and the Delaware Indians collapsed. White Eyes, the tribe’s most outspoken ally of the United States, died in mysterious circumstances, and the Delawares soon joined the British in the war against the United States.”

235 years later the IPLP and other revolutionary organizations have come to understand, just as the Lenape did, you cannot reason with the oppressor. There is only resistance to those who wish to put you down and solidarity with those who stand by your side.

Revolutionary Stress Management

Revolutionary Stress Management

By IPLP Minister of Information Cien Fuegos Carmona

Being a revolutionary requires a great deal of self-sacrifice and dedication. As many of us know, the work takes its toll in a variety of ways: physically, spiritually and mentally.

As we fight for the decolonization of our lands, we must also work to find ways of decolonizing our minds. Capitalism creates stress and conflict in our lives. Any comrade who’s ever had to deal with rent, loans, unemployment or medical bills will tell you that these constraints will cause sleepless nights, for not only the individual whom is carrying this burden, but our families and other comrades.

It may seem easy to lash out at others in an attempt to express our own stress at the expense of others. This is counter-revolutionary and should be avoided.

First, We need to recognize our stress indicators. Do we get irritated easily, withdraw, sleep often or abuse alcohol or drugs? When we recognize these we can instead try something else.

Next, talking to a trusted non-judgemental comrade about our stresses can help. Remember that solidarity is the most powerful weapon against oppression. Exercise, eating well helps us combat stress. Running and walking around your neighborhood will give you opportunities to familiarize yourself with your neighbors and the local geography. Healthy food, when accessible will do wonders for your mental health. If you’re cabinets are empty, call a friend and ask them to cook you a meal.

Capitalism tells us that we need to be autonomous from our community. This only serves to create prison cells on the outside. Trust your community and comrades have your best interest in mind. Take time to heal so you can rejoin the fight.

IPLP Statement on the People’s Climate March

Today the Indigenous People’s Liberation Party took part in The People’s Climate March. Below is the statement made at the march by IPLP Co- Minister of Defense, Tina Gonzalez:

IPLP Statement on the Peoples’ Climate March

By Co-Minister of Defense Tina Gonzalez


Today, pundits from the left and the right are scrambling to find a solution to the environmental devastation created by capitalism. The Indigenous People’s Liberation Party has ONE solution: Honor all land treaties made with the Indigenous People of this continent! We say the treaties are more than historical artifacts. We say they are agreements made between their ancestors and our ancestors. We say the beginning of the environmental crisis was when those agreements were broken!

As Indigenous People we understand that more is needed than alternative energy sources. We need to create a society in which human beings see ourselves as equal members of our ecosystems. Equal to the land, equal to the air, and equal to the water. But, in order to create such a society we must smash ANY system that views our Mother Earth as simply a commodity to be harvested and exploited for short term profit.

The Indigenous People’s Liberation Party says,” The Indigenous Wars Never Ended!”. We have been fighting for over 500 years and we will continue fighting until every last system of oppression, every last system of colonization and every last predatory capitalist has been pushed off of our land!

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!”

La lucha continua…

Statement of Solidarity with Mothers Against Police Brutality (MAPB)


Statement of Solidarity with Mothers Against Police Brutality (MAPB)


For over 500 years our people have resisted against the yolk of oppression alongside our African sisters and brothers. Historically we have been allied in the past. The Seminole people were comprised of the African resistance during slavery.

Today we celebrate years of joint resistance against the colonialist oppressors in their current form, the police. On this day, Clinton Allen should have been 27, but he was taken from us by the enemy.

The IPLP stands with the African people and Mothers Against Police Brutality. We would like to recognize Collette Flannagan, the mother of Clinton Allen for her tireless pursuit of justice.

On Criticism: Self Criticism, Comrades and the Party

On Criticism: Self Criticism, Comrades and the Party

By IPLP Minister of Information Cien Fuegos Carmona

As we navigate the tumultuous rivers of Revolution, we must from time to time sharpen ourselves, our comrades and the party with criticism.

Criticism is the act of synthesizing our theory with practice. On the individual basis it helps us grow as revolutionaries. When we travel further in our journeys we are able to aid our comrades. By this practice our party becomes stronger in unified practice and theory.

Timing is key in all critiques. The individual should daily reflect on their theory and practice through reflection and study. When a comrade of ours is incorrect a quick, humble and tactful correction should take place. Comrades should never allow comrades to be incorrect in theory or practice. On that note, gossiping is not a correct form of criticism. This destroys party cohesion and creates animosity within the party. Direct face-to-face criticism, using humility and revolutionary love builds camaraderie within the party and should be exercised when possible.
Party maintenance are the ropes that keep our revolutionary raft sailing along.


Against Police Brutality

IPLP poster
Against Police Brutality


On Wednesday, October 22nd, Mother’s Against Police Brutality held a march and rally for the National Day of Resistance against Police Brutality. Protesters marched through the streets chanting “this is what a revolution looks like” and “indict, convict, send those killer cops to jail! The whole damn system is guilty as hell!”

National Chairman of the Indigenous People’s Liberation Party, Kooper Caraway spoke to the crowd about the IPLP’s position on police terrorism. Caraway exposed the police as an illegitimate occupying colonial army in the indigenous and African communities. Caraway also exposed the U.S. government as an illegitimate foreign alien settler colonial government on indigenous land. The U.S. government has broken over 500 land treaties with the indigenous people on their own land.

Chairman Caraway pointed out that indigenous people, African people, and white working class people have an abusive relationship with this social system, capitalism and imperialism. He said that the people should overturn this oppressive and exploitative system.

The capitalist system was built as a result of the genocide, relocation, and ethnic cleansing of indigenous people, the theft of our land, and the kidnapping, enslavement, and genocide of African people. This social system is completely rotten and must be overturned if the people of the earth are to have a future and know peace.

The police represent the frontline troops of the U.S. imperialism in the indigenous and African internally colonized communities. They serve the ruling capitalist colonialist class of this country and protect private property. Their job is to contain indigenous and African people and keep them enslaved to this system.

The condition that indigenous and African people are facing is colonialism. This means that a foreign alien state power dominates another people for economic exploitation and political advantage.

But together, we can push the occupation out!

Hasta la victoria Siempre!

Statement on National Anti-Police Brutality day, Oct. 22


The US Federal Government had made over 500 land treaties with the Indigenous People of this continent and has broken every single one! These actions, along with the Genocide, Relocation, and Ethnic Cleansing of the Indigenous People, Kidnapping, Enslavement, and Genocide of African People and continued Economic Exploitation of the White Working Class makes the US Federal Government and its allies in the Capitalist class the most Dangerous Criminal Cartel the world has ever known.

The Indigenous Peoples Liberation Party says These Treaties are Law! This land is rightfully ours! The Police are the foot soldiers of an illegitimate settler colonial invader! The police are a foreign occupying army supplied and supported by the Capitalist/Colonial class.

The Police and all foreign military forces must be pushed out of Indigenous Land! We must be free to govern ourselves and determine our own destiny without foreign colonial interference!”

Victory to the people of Ferguson!

Victory to the people of Palestine!

Victory to all oppressed people across the world!

Together we will Force the Occupation Out!

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!”

We encourage all to join the Marches in your city tomorrow. In Dallas, National Chairman Kooper Caraway will be speaking at 7pm at Founders Plaza